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WORK AT THE IGA STADIUM IN MONTREAL – PHASE 1 (updated on June 13, 2022)

Please take note of this memo regarding upcoming work and events that will have an impact on the 2022 schedule of regular activities at the Montreal IGA Stadium.

Over the next few weeks, the complex will be undergoing the first of two phases of site upgrades in preparation for the National Bank Open presented by Rogers, as well as significant improvements to its permanent facilities.

To help clients and visitors to the Stadium better understand the timeline and impact of the work, below is a summary of the major activities that will be implemented over the summer period:

1. Rehabilitation of the locker rooms:

  • Completion of work: August 20
  • Summary of work: Modernization of the infrastructure to improve the comfort of the players. The lockers and benches in the lounge near the entrance will remain available to users during the summer. Access to the showers will be maintained as much as possible, depending on the construction schedule. The reception desk will be able to confirm 72 hours prior to your reservation whether the showers will be accessible during your visit to the Stadium.

2. Replacement of exterior lights:

  • Duration of work: May 9 until the National Bank Open presented by Rogers.
  • Summary of work: The lights on Rogers Court and Centre Court will be gradually replaced with LED bulbs to provide better lighting for athletes and reduce the environmental footprint of the complex.

3. Closure of the outdoor courts in preparation for the National Bank Open:

  • Duration of work:
    • Courts 2-3-4: closed June 16-26. Reopening: June 27
    • Courts 6-7-8: closed from June 27 to July 3. Reopening: July 4
    • Courts 10-11: Closed July 4-8. Reopening: July 9.
    • Courts 5 and 9: closed as of July 11. No reopening before the National Bank Open.

*Please note that as of July 30th, all courts are closed in preparation for the National Bank Open. Reopening is scheduled for August 20, 2022.

  • Summary of the work: In preparation for the National Bank Open, the IGA Stadium must proceed with the preparation of the courts to meet the standards of the ATP Tour professional circuit. This preparation includes minor surface repairs and the application of a new coat of paint. Users will be able to enjoy these new surfaces as of August 20th.

4. Closing of the indoor courts in preparation for the National Bank Open:

  • Duration:
    • Hard surface courts 11 and 12: closed as of June 15.
    • Clay courts 3-4: closed July 11.
    • Hard courts 3-4-5-6-7-8: closed July 18.
    • Clay courts 1-2: closed July 21.
    • Hard courts 1-2-9-10: closed July 21.
  • Reopening: Indoor courts will open in early September. IGA Stadium will take advantage of the weeks following the Open to upgrade all indoor courts (clay and hard surface) to provide a better playing experience for users. The official reopening date will be announced over the summer.
  • Summary of work: All indoor courts will be gradually closed over the summer to prepare the facilities (lounges, practice rooms, kitchens, etc.) for the National Bank Open. The rehabilitation of the fields will also be a priority for the complex during this period.


Throughout the summer and during the construction period, customers who have questions are invited to contact the IGA Stadium reception desk by phone at (514) 273-1234 or by email at receptionstadeiga@tenniscanada.com.

Please be assured that frequent reminders will be sent by the reception desk to keep users informed of the progress of the renovations and changes to the schedule. We will also do our best to limit the impact of the work on the operation of the facility.

Full details of Phase 2 of the work, which will take place in the fall of 2022, will be announced at a later date.

We thank you in advance for your understanding and support as we improve all of our facilities for the benefit of all.


IGA Stadium can provide you with free used tennis balls. Write at receptionstadeiga@tenniscanada.com and specify what quantity is needed.

IGA Stadium is proud to be a member of the Accès Montréal program and a partner of the City of Montreal.